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Telling the stories behind beautifully crafted objects

Tapiwa Matsinde Homo Faber Curator Telling Stories Through Objects Copyright Laila Pozza

The opening of Homo Faber 2022 is getting nearer. This edition of the event has been more than 2 years in the making due to its being postponed several times because of the Covid-19 pandemic. Curating a Tea Room for Homo Faber has been a wonderful opportunity to delve into, and share my love of craftsmanship. For an insight into the inspirations behind the space, some of the objects being showcased and my thoughts on why telling stories about the artisans and the objects they create matters. Read the interview here

After decades dominated by mass production, we want the objects we use on a daily basis to have personality and soul. Every handmade piece bears someone’s fingerprints.

Tapiwa Matsinde, Author, Curator, Mentor

Image credit: Laila Pozzo for Homo Faber

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