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A private Venetian island, and a curated tea room for Homo Faber

A private Venetian island, and a curated tea room for Homo Faber

The Island of San Giorgio Maggiore is the site for a very special event taking place in spring 2022, and where I spent a beautiful day familiarising myself with the building and grounds of Fondazione Giorgio Cini. A few months back I was invited to curate an exhibition for Homo Faber the event at the Foundation that celebrates exceptional craftsmanship by putting the spotlight firmly on artisans and their work.

My mission is to transform the Padiglione delle CapriateRoom / Truss Pavilion into a functioning tea room that is filled with exceptional furniture and objects crafted by artisans and manufacturers from around the world. The challenge is that not only will visitors be able to view the objects in the room they will also be able to interact with and use them during their time touring the event’s other exhibitions. This means sitting on chairs, having a cup of tea, or having a bite to eat on dining and Bistrot tables. Reclining on armchairs and sinking into plush sofas as they take time out to refresh and recharge.

And to do all this in just over 3 months, yikes!

Truss Pavilion Padiglione-delle-Capriate-The Giorgio Cini Foundation

An initiative of the Michelangelo Foundation for Creativity & Craftsmanship, Homo Faber 2022 features 15 exhibitions, 22 curators and designers, 12 Japanese Living Treasures, and over 400 works crafted by over 350 artisans, and designers, and manufacturers representing over 30 countries.

Image credit of Padiglione delle Capriate belongs to The Giorgio Cini Foundation

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