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Are you interested in publishing a coffee table book, but don’t know what you need to do to make it happen?

If so, then this must-have handbook will show you exactly how to take your publishing dream from idea to publication.

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How to Publish a Coffee Table Book

How to Publish a Coffee Table Book is your essential guide through the publishing process

Whether you’re a content creator*, entrepreneur, or professional looking to self-publish or land a publishing deal, you’ll learn all that goes into transforming your idea into a statement coffee table book, including how to structure it, craft a proposal that catches a publisher’s attention, and achieve the perfect finish.

*Content Creator refers to writers, bloggers, photographers, designers, makers, creatives, artists, entrepreneurs, coaches, Instagrammers, tweeters, Podcasters- basically anyone who creates some type of content.
The Benefits of Publishing a Coffee Table Book

A coffee table book is more than a book

When well-produced it becomes a thing of beauty that makes it both covetable & collectible. Publishing a coffee table book is a wonderful, highly emotive way to tell your story by documenting and sharing your creativity, boosting your profile, marking a career milestone, and inspiring your reader.


Knowing what to do and where to turn to for the answers to your questions can be difficult. Not to mention a time-consuming process of having to track down all you need to know. Having been through my own publishing journey I know exactly what it’s like.

When I traditionally published my first coffee table book, Contemporary Design Africa, I was plunged into the deep-end and had to learn very quickly how to navigate an unfamiliar world. A year after publishing I found myself in a similar, although better-informed situation having taken on the challenge of self-publishing my second book. Through every step of the process of the two sides, I kept notes to guide me, and that is why I created How to Publish a Coffee Table Book– to make things easier for you. By bringing together the lessons I have learned you can avoid the mistakes I made and save a ton of time in having to figure things out for yourself.

How to Publish a Coffee Table Book is available in print and digital download formats.

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How to Publish a Coffee Table Book makes life easier for you by shortening the learning curve, and saving you precious time.

Publish a book and share your story and creativity with your world

You know you have good content that would make a great coffee table book, so if figuring out how to take it from idea to published is holding you back, and you find yourself wondering:

  • Should I seek a publishing deal or self-publish? 
  • Should I print copies or go digital? 
  • Do I need an agent, and how do I find one? 
  • What do I put in my book proposal? 
  • Publishing a book sounds expensive, how can I afford to do it? 
  • How do I get my book stocked in stores?
Then this book is for you.

How To Publish a Coffee Table Book will answer all these questions, and many more to help you confidently create & publish your book.

All you need to know about Coffee Table Book publishing in the palm of your hand

Let How to Publish a Coffee Table Book show you how to

  • Sort through your ideas and content to plan and produce an engaging book
  • Find the right publisher for your book, and prepare and submit a book proposal to them
  • Find the professionals needed to design and layout your book
  • Calculate the costs of self-publishing and figure out if this is the right path for publishing your book
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Ready to PUBLISH your Coffee Table book?
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