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For Crafters, Artisans, Makers, Designers, and Creatives

is this you?

  • You would like to transform your craft into a thriving business, but the fear of failure and worries that you’ll struggle to earn enough money to keep going are preventing you from taking the first step. So you keep putting your dream on hold by telling yourself “I’ll do it one day”.
  • You feel invisible. You know you have a great mission and products, but being seen and attracting your right customer is a constant struggle. You’d give anything to not always have to be on the prowl for work but have customers come to you.
  • Deep down you feel you know what you need to do to make your business a success but for some reason, that knowledge is not translating into action. Instead, you find yourself going in circles blocked from breaking through to realize your vision.
  • You’re working round the clock doing all the right things but nothing is happening. Sales are inconsistent or non-existent. Every time you create or show up you feel “what’s the point” and are beginning to question how long you can keep investing in your dream.
  • You started a business to make and sell beautiful, meaningful things, not to spend your days focusing on paperwork and systems. Juggling all the hats that come with running a business is causing you confusion and overwhelm. The reality is not living up to the dream and everything is starting to feel out of alignment.


you’re experiencing these problems because…

01. running a business is hard

When you are the chief financial officer, the marketing director, and the admin assistant alongside finding time to make, trying to piece together all the information you find is a constant struggle. So you procrastinate choosing to focus on what you know and are good at over what you need to learn to make your business and leadership grow stronger and better.

02. You Don’t Have business skills

You’ve learned how to do your craft and even though makers are more likely to become self-employed business skills were not part of your training. You have some idea of what you need to do but how to go about doing it is what’s holding you back.

Facing obstacles like these its no wonder you’re floundering, unprepared for the demands of running a business

Why continue to make life difficult for yourself?

The wise business owner understands when to get help to shorten the learning curve and gain back precious time that can be put towards refining your craft and improving other areas of your business and life.

You’ve invested time, energy and attention to detail in refining your craft it’s time to invest some of that into crafting a sustainable business. A business that has the best chance of earning you the level of income needed to keep doing what you do, creating exceptional objects.

Investing in your craft

Designers, makers, artists, creators, entrepreneurs: I have nothing but hope and respect for you. Becoming a creative entrepreneur is one of the most courageous things you can do. The journey is not always easy, especially for those whose greatest strengths are not starting business ventures. There is immense value in investing in your business; the right advice and guidance will help your venture grow and flourish.

As a maker myself, I have stood where you stand and know what it’s like to weave your way through a messy, unintuitive, perplexing world. We all need help from time to time. My expertise and guidance can prevent you from going round in circles, making the same mistakes every new, and growing creative business owner makes, so you can spend more time in your creative zone of genius.



  • Is in keeping with your values, vision and mission.
  • Looks as good as the products you create, holding its own alongside its peers in the same sectors.
  • Connects you to customers ready and willing to pay for your work.
  • Is regularly invited to participate in events and exhibitions, and is approached for comments, interviews, and press features without you having to always ask.
  • Gives you more uninterrupted time to create.
  • Fulfils and enables you to earn a sustainable living doing what you love.

You can have that business

It just takes commitment, time, focus, and making smart decisions. All qualities that you have within you to make things happen.

For over a decade I have been sharing the soul and stories of design and craftsmanship from around the globe, shining a light on the emerging and established makers and designers who have taken the steps toward bringing their creative ideas and skills to life, and have done so successfully.

My question to you is are you ready to join their ranks?

If you are a designer, maker, artist or craftsperson, who wants to make it in the world of fine craft & design…

let me introduce…

Mentoring & Support for Designers Makers Artists

The Mentoring Sessions

A range of signature courses & resources crafted to equip you with the knowledge, tools, and confidence needed to transform your creativity and craftsmanship into a thriving, impactful business

Explore the ways in which I can help you DO THIS


Whether you are thinking about transforming your creativity into a craft business or looking to expand into new, high-end markets my tailor-made series of on-demand, self-paced courses and guides are designed to meet you at your point of need.


If you need advice and someone to talk through ideas, goals or strategies with, come and get exclusive insights and expert guidance with my personalised virtual 1-to-1 mentoring sessions.


Publishing a book is a great way to boost your visibility, establish your reputation, and share and celebrate your work. If you are interested in exploring this my expertise and experiences will get you off to a good start.

The Library

The Library is the place to find a free collection of downloadable resources, guides and workbooks, designed to make your business life easier.

it’s time to craft a business you love