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Connecting artisan businesses that want to raise their profile with cultural institutions that want to find them

Championing a diverse craft and design industry

Standing out and being seen and heard in the world of contemporary craft and design can be a struggle for artisan businesses, particularly for those from Africa and the global south. On the other hand, not being visible makes it much more difficult for cultural institutions and publications to find artisan businesses from these regions.

We work to bridge the gap

By tapping into our extensive industry knowledge and expertise our consultancy: serves artisan business owners seeking to raise their profile through brand positioning and storytelling; and works with galleries, museums, foundations, and other cultural institutions and publications looking to highlight and learn more about exceptional craftsmanship and design from Africa and its diaspora.


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Discover our branding and storytelling offerings that help position and elevate your business profile.


Curation & Writing Services

A tailored service for cultural institutions and publications wanting insights into Africa’s craft and design scene.

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Tapiwa Matsinde

I’m Tapiwa Matsinde, a London-based independent curator, author, and brand visibility mentor, specialising in global craft and design, with particular knowledge of makers from Africa.

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