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It is a proven fact that repetition helps to reinforce things in our minds and in turn influencing our habits and actions. So imagine what you could achieve by regularly writing down your goals and having them to hand as you go about your working and personal days. 

By constantly having to write out your goals and having them in front of you every day you will start to affirm and believe them because the act of repetition helps them to become embedded into your subconsciousness.

But writing out generic goals is not enough. To achieve and enable the growth and results you desire, you need to choose and plan out your goals with intention. 

The dictionary defines Intention as having an idea or plan of what you are going to do. I see intention as being a promise you make to yourself when you do something like setting a specific actionable goal and actually taking the steps to follow through.

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When you pursue your goals without intention, you are just checking off boxes and bouncing from one disappointing I-hope-this-works solution to another. And in the process of doing so frittering away your precious time and money.

- Tapiwa Matsinde, Brand Illumination Strategist

Intention requires going beyond the surface to set goals that actually get you moving forward. If you are experiencing the frustration of seeming to do everything right but still find success out of reach, the type of goals you set could be the issue. 

When you have clear intentions you are drawn to, and increase your ability to attract the people, products, and services that are a right fit for you rather than being easily swayed by the hype-filled offerings or explaining yourself to an audience that has no intention of buying from you.

There is a popular saying ‘If you fail to plan, you plan to fail’. Knowing exactly what you are working towards helps keep you focused on what you need to do in the present. And to successfully achieve your goals you need to break them down into more manageable tasks, because, going from say a startup with no business name to an international household name in one leap is virtually impossible. It takes time and commitment to build up to that end goal.

Pursuing success with intention includes eliminating the clutter and time-stealers and focusing on what matters the most. and constantly asking yourself if what you choose to focus on ‘will get me to where I need to be’, and then mapping out a daily plan of action to get you moving towards that direction.  

Having made a commitment to myself to procrastinate less and become more productive in my daily work schedule I designed The Goal Achiever Planner Kit and Workbook to help me and others like me to do just that. I was tired of seeing the same story repeat itself year after year. A story of not being able to focus and achieve my dreams because I did not have a clear plan on what I needed to do. I did not want to do that anymore and experimented with different ways to create planners that would hold me accountable and have more productive days, ones that actively moved me towards achieving my goals. The result, I am working fewer hours but getting so much more done when compared to past monthly productivity.

You may not have the time or resources to design your own planners, and that’s ok. There are many templates out there to choose from. Etsy and Creative Market are two marketplaces that come to mind. But if you want a planner that specifically helps you to intentionally work towards your goals, then have a look at The Goal Achiever Planner Kit and Workbook.

The Goal Achiever Planner Kit and Workbook will help you plan out every step you need to do to achieve that ultimate goal. Doing this will keep you on track because remember it is the little steps that make a big difference. 

And with a schedule, everything has its place. It may seem like a chore at first, constantly filling out worksheets, but speaking from experience I need those sheets to keep me on track, I procrastinate less and get more done in a shorter amount of time, meaning I achieve some goals ahead of schedule.

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It is not enough to say you want to be more productive, you have to take the steps to make it happen and a planner can help you do that.

- Tapiwa Matsinde, Brand Illumination Strategist

Each sheet starts with some space to insert your overall goal. The overall goal is your main goal, the one thing that you are working towards.

To help you achieve your ultimate goal you need to break it down into smaller goals along the lines of a: Long-term goal, Mid-term goal, Short-term goal so there is space for you to do this too.

The kit contains 10 planners and goal review sheets and a monthly sheet calendar as follows:

  • Goals Planner – Template
  • Yearly Goal Planner – Template
  • Quarterly Goal Planner – Template
  • Monthly Goal Planner – Template
  • Daily Work Planner – Template
  • Year Review – Template
  • Half -Year Review – Template
  • Quarterly Review – Template
  • Week/Monthly Review – Template
  • Notes – Template
  • Single month calendar in landscape and portrait formats depending in your requirements
  • Intentional Goal Setting Workbook – 16 PDF pages

The kit is presented in a minimalist black and white design that you can print from your home printer or local print shop.

All PDFs are set up for printing or completing digitally, to suit your preferences.

I encourage you to invest in your growth and success with intention and turn frustration into satisfaction.

Because when you set goals with intention and have a process to keep you on track your efforts start to feel less like climbing a greasy pole and more of having a firmer grip to propel yourself upwards.

Rooting for your success!

– Tapiwa